Meet our new Marketing Strategist

Meet our new Marketing Strategist

In April, SWAT Systems received our first full-time Marketing Strategist. For that, we’d like to take time to congratulate Gabriel Castro on his new role! This introduction, however, is more for our newer TotalCare clients, since many probably know Gabriel as one of our System Engineers. How he ended up in a marketing role is quite the story but…I’d rather tell you from MY perspective. Writing in the third-person about myself is a little weird.

A Quick Recap

Let’s do a quick recap of my journey at SWAT. I joined the team in November, 2014 as a Systems Engineer and had the honor of being a “Goonies” team member. After several months of working on quick-response tickets and calls, I shifted to the Projects Team. Here, I worked on large system implementations and accompanied our Account Managers on Quarterly Business Reviews. One day, I put together a visual design to break down a complex project. A few colleagues took notice and realized I had an artistic eye and passion for design.

Tech & Art? How?

How a (self-proclaimed) tech geek came to acquire such creative skills will require a trip to 2006. I was an ADHD teen who considered himself a tech aficionado and was on the hunt for a summer job or project. I was looking for something that would prove I am a “legit” computer person worthy of being paid like one. One day I met a small business owner needing a website, and I said “Yes!” faster than an airborne toupee in a hurricane. Foolish me did not know “websites” and “computers” didn’t necessarily mean the same thing.

Through the struggle of building something that could legally be called a “website,” I came to respect digital art and design. It’s astonishing to learn how different fonts, colors, and images could communicate different emotions or messages. Or, how the human eye naturally looks for information and navigation in particular locations. My list goes on and on, but needless to say, from that day on my technology heart made room for marketing and digital design.

Grabbing Technology by the Horns

This month, SWAT celebrates 18 years of growth and experience in the IT industry. On its own, any business that old deserves respect, but this boat has survived 18 years of technology’s non-stop ever-crashing waves of changes. People today find it difficult to make sense out of every new software, service, and protocol. You know it must all be important somehow, but overlapping similarities amongst many products and services makes it nearly impossible to comprehend.

That makes SWAT’s marketing, brand, and communication more important than ever before. I am truly honored to be in this role and excited for you to see everything we have in store. In the coming weeks and months, you will see a lot of new design additions as various projects come to life. Everything we do revolves around our clients, and our aim is to educate, empower, and improve. I invite you to be a part of this exciting new chapter and enjoy the adventures that ensue when anyone turns 18!