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With SWAT Systems as your virtual CTO, you get greater productivity for a lower cost. It’s a CFO-approved, win-win situation. Click the video to see how Parker Staffing Services found a winning strategy by switching to SWAT Systems.

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Complete IT Management Services

Leverage more than 20 years of experience protecting small and medium businesses.

TotalCare: Proactive IT Support - Seattle, Bellevue, Ballard


Let's increase your business productivity and ROI. Our 100% proactively managed IT and network support services do just that.

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TotalSecurity: Email & Server Security - Seattle, Bellevue, Ballard


Enterprise-grade email and web antivirus services to stop ever-growing virus and phishing threats. SWAT has your back.

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TotalDefense: Data Backup & Disaster Recovery - Seattle, Bellevue, Ballard


When disaster strikes, you need to be ready to fight back. Business continuity plans and data backup are your first line of defense.

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TotalVoice: Business Phone Solutions - Seattle, Bellevue, Ballard


Competitively priced, top quality, cutting edge phone solutions for small and medium sized businesses. Because it’s good to stay in touch.

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Keeping Seattle Happy

The latest "love" our awesome clients have shared with us

Unbelievable. SWAT called IBM and arranged for them to come to my hotel in Orlando to replace the screen. They did and I was back in business. Couldn't be happier. My best SWAT experience.

SWAT was very helpful explaining exactly what the problem was and did everything necessary to resolve the issue. They were very patient with me and provided excellent customer service!

Your team is always able to explain the possibilities without my eyes glazing over with too much technical stuff. I love the fact that you can get onto my laptop and do the investigation for me.

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