Meet Our Amazing Team

Locally owned and operated, SWAT Systems is just on the north side of the Ballard Bridge. Jason Hagens founded SWAT Systems in 1999 with a mission to provide local businesses with outsourced IT services. Working initially to help companies become Y2K-compliant, SWAT then moved into helping build the infrastructure of many of the early dot-com companies. We focus on small- and mid-sized businesses working with core products such as Microsoft Server, Apple, Office 365, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Exchange, Security and Application Development.

We offer TotalCare, an “all you can eat” managed services program at a flat monthly fee and staff a full-time Help Desk to offer fast remote assistance and reduce your downtime.

Give us a call (206.217.0130). We would love to take you on an “IT Lunch Date” to see how we can help! Managing your network is our business.

  • Jason Hagens

Jason Hagens

  • Dana Robb

Dana Robb

  • Amanda Goss

Amanda Goss

  • Dani Fales

Dani Fales

  • David Blake

David Blake

  • Dan Merino

Dan Merino

  • Jamie Straight

Jamie Straight

  • Katie Doege

Katie Doege

  • Josh Ihler

Josh Ihler

  • Alex Leyva

Alex Leyva

  • Justin Jones

Justin Jones

  • David Talley

David Talley

  • Josh Shapiro

Josh Shapiro

  • Bobby Stoddard

Bobby Stoddard

  • Ashley Evans

Ashley Evans

  • Koll Anderson

Koll Anderson

  • Aaron Grigg

Aaron Grigg

  • Gabriel Castro

Gabriel Castro

  • Nik Rasmussen

Nik Rasmussen

  • Jordan Ritchie

Jordan Ritchie

  • Philip Whitinger

Philip Whitinger

  • Quinn Van Order

Quinn Van Order

  • James Robbins

James Robbins

  • Jonathan Phenis

Jonathan Phenis

  • Rose Jao

Rose Jao

  • Chase Tien

Chase Tien

  • Steven Ouk

Steven Ouk

  • Skyler Schoos

Skyler Schoos

  • Nick Fredette

Nick Fredette

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