Why Every Business Should Consider Email Archiving

By SWAT Systems

Why Every Business Should Consider Email Archiving Email continuity and disaster recovery: Though email archiving is not a replacement for a robust backup solution, it can provide ready access to historical emails should the primary email system be unavailable.

Regulatory compliance: New regulatory and compliance requirements for the storage and management of email are released each year. Some of these are government mandated for certain types of organizations and some companies also have their own internal policy regarding email retention polices. An email archiving solution makes this easy to manage and conform to regulatory standards.

Legal discovery: Email archiving provides a safe, readily accessible location for all of a corporations email. Should a legal or litigation discovery situation arise, this repository may be quickly searched for the required messages and can ensure they have not been deleted.

Email storage: It has become increasingly difficult to manage individual user mailbox sizes as we all become more dependent on electronic messages to conduct business. By having an email archive, users can reduce the size of their email stores without having to worry about losing or not being able to access historical messages. By offloading messages to an archive system, there can be a reduction in service hours and resources to manage and maintain the frontline email system.

- Matt Dickman, Systems Engineer

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