Something OLD: Microsoft Kills off Windows 8 Support

By SWAT Systems

- Author: Gabriel
All good things must come to an end, however, most think this is more of an end to an “error.” (Did you get that?)

Microsoft is pulling the plug on Windows 8 support. Before you panic, keep in mind Microsoft is shifting their resources to focus on Windows 8’s replacement, Windows 8.1. As some of you remember, Windows released a big update following all of the negative feedback it received with the launch of Windows 8. The update was so massive it added a “.1” to its name. Windows 8.1 brought several critical features that people felt should not have been touched, let alone removed, to begin with.

Windows 8 was a public relations headache for Microsoft and they decided to put the failed OS in the past as quickly as possible. With the end of Windows 8 support, Microsoft is pushing everyone to update to Windows 8.1. Microsoft will, however, continue to patch any security vulnerabilities until January 15, 2018. While bugs and issues may no longer be worked on, the security of the OS will be maintained for a few more years.

Regardless of the security up-keeping of Windows 8, Swat recommends you update to Windows 8.1. The update is free and brings back much needed tweaks that mouse and keyboard users appreciate. The update is available to all Windows 8 users and can be completed in about 45 minutes once the download is complete. Submit a ticket to support so you can schedule an update session with one of our engineers. Of course, you are also welcome to tackle the update yourself. It’s fairly simple and straightforward. Just launch the Windows Update application and follow the instructions to update your computer. It may take several rounds of updates to finally have your computer “Windows 8.1 ready.”

So where does this leave Windows 10? Great question. Seeing as how Windows 8.1 has been around for a couple of years, a lot of manufacturers have tweaked and repaired their software to work with the operating system. Windows 10 is still an infant…a mere 8 months old. Microsoft has already released a big update that mended several big holes but we are anticipating one more update come spring of 2016. However, we believe mainstream users should feel confident in upgrading to Windows 10. To get the update conversations going, speak to your Account Manager if you are interested in upgrading to Windows 10.

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