Are You a Viadoom Commuter?

By SWAT Systems

Are you a ViaDOOM Commuter?I am!

Starting last week, nighttime crews began closing sections of the viaduct. At one point there will even be a two-week closure. Read more HERE. This really stinks, especially given the recent crab spill on northbound 99, no pun intended...

Whether you occasionally hop on the viaduct, or take it daily as part of your commute, be prepared to work remotely. This may be as simple as checking your VPN from home, or going full-Doomsday Prepper with a trip to Herman Miller to remodel your home office. In our next newsletter, Gabe will give us his favorite Tools for the Mobile Warrior.

SWAT is more than happy to help you prepare for the ViaDOOM by becoming a remote worker. Give us a shout!

- Author: Amanda Goss

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