Microsoft's New Surface Pro: 10 Things To Know

By Gabriel Castro
Microsoft’s New Surface Pro: 10 Things To Know

Today, Microsoft unveiled their new Surface Pro tablet / laptop hybrid. The first thing you will notice is the lack of a number. Microsoft's most popular surface device is simply the Surface Pro from now on. Provided images show a device that looks a lot like the old Surface Pro 4. Yet, it is important to know that the meaningful changes are inside the device.

“It’s a meaningful change," explains Microsoft's Surface Chief, Panos Panay, in an interview with The Verge. "There are about 800 new custom parts in the new Pro. This isn’t just a processor change.”

We haven't yet gotten our hands on this device, since it was just announced today (5/23). Luckily, we found a lot of information provided by several trusted sources. We have taken the time to summarize a lot of data and have come up with the 10 things you should know. If you find yourself wanting a quote, fill out our "Ready for an Upgrade" form at the bottom of this page. We'll be sure to send you a quote for the Surface Pro model that's right for you.

1. Starts shipping on June 15

2. Seventh-generation Kaby Lake processors (m3, i5, i7)

  • It uses the latest processors from Intel to provide you with the most processing power available in a tablet. Fan-less design on m3 and i5 processors translates to quieter operations on these models.

3. 50% increase in battery life-up to 13.5 hours

  • Both Windows 10 improvements and a tweaked processor design means better battery life.

4. Device sleep improvements

  • Microsoft reduced power drain during sleep mode (when keyboard cover is closed, or power button pressed). This is something that plagued previous Surface Pro and Surface Book devices.

5. Refined hardware design

  • The device shows rounder edges and tweaked vent designs, but is roughly the same weight and same size.

6. Hinge upgrades flexibility

  • Updates to the tablet's hinge allows it to now reach a 165-degree angle. Microsoft has tested its design and is confident the new hinge will not easily break under pressure.

7. Surface Dial support

  • The Surface Dial accessory debuted late last year alongside the Surface Studio. The new Surface Pro allows the Surface Dial to be used on top of its display. Available for $159 (MSRP).

8. New Surface Pen, but no longer included

  • The new Surface Pen now detects tilts, for better shading and accuracy. It now detects 4096 levels of pressure, up from 1000. Improved writing response has Microsoft claiming it is the "fastest pen in the world." Downside: it will no longer come included with the Surface Pro. Will be available for $99 (MSRP).

9. Refined Type Cover

  • The Type Cover (keyboard attachment that also serves as a screen cover) received some nice refinements. You can now choose from three new colors, all wrapped in the new Alcantara fabric ($159 MSRP). A black Type Cover option without the Alcantara fabric will be available for $129 (MSRP).

10. LTE support on select models

  • Certain Surface Pro models will support LTE connectivity. Using Micro SIM or eSIM, you will have access to your provider's cellular data internet. Microsoft has yet to provide pricing or release details for these models.

LTE support on select models

At first glance, the new Surface Pro doesn’t seem like an upgrade, but the changes underneath are significant. The increase in battery life, through software and hardware upgrades, are huge. With a processor bump, flexible hinge, and a revamped Surface Pen, purchasing the new Surface Pro starts to make sense.

Are you ready for an upgrade?

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