Meet the Goonies' New Team Lead!

By Rose Jao
Meet the Goonies’ New Team Lead!

Our adventurous group of misfit engineers have gotten a new leader: Jordan Ritchie.

Their previous leader, David Talley, is still with the Goonies but assists in a supportive role as he takes on a new endeavor. Jordan originally joined SWAT Systems in 2015 as a Systems Engineer. After taking a role with a different company in 2016, he returned to SWAT at the beginning of 2017. “The group of people that I left at SWAT created a unique culture that I found myself missing elsewhere. I eventually decided that when the right time came, I would find myself back at SWAT Systems.”

Management is a familiar position for Jordan, who built experience at his previous company. When asked about his goals, he responded earnestly “to continue the legacy of the Goonies and build lasting friendships both inside and outside of SWAT. We love the clients we support and want to build on those great relationships. It’s definitely a new challenge, but in a comfortable environment.”

To sum it all up, Jordan and the Goonies are here “to help and assist in all things IT. In the grand scheme of things, we are here to help you guys.”

We appreciate all of Jordan’s hard work and look forward to growing with him in 2018.

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