Windows 10 Update: Delayed and its Features

By Rose Jao
Windows 10 Update: Delayed and its Features

Microsoft’s next big update for Windows 10 is fast approaching, but we’ll have to wait a little bit longer. The update is speculated to be dubbed the "Spring Creators Update" following the previous "Fall Creators Update", but an official name has not been released. Microsoft’s Windows Insider team explains the delay came from

“reliability issues we wanted to fix. In certain cases, these reliability issues could have led to a higher percentage of (BSOD)* on PCs for example. Instead of creating a Cumulative Update package to service these issues, we decided to create a new build with the fixes included.”

As we wait in anticipation for the update to be released, we have outlined 5 features we are looking forward to.

*BSOD = Blue Screen of Death

  1. Timeline

Timeline allows the user to seamlessly switch between devices and jump back into working. Microsoft is aiming to incorporate Timeline into various Android and iOS devices with Cortana installed. The shortcut to Timeline is Windows Key + Tab, and you will be able to see the apps and files you most recently had open.


  1. Fluent Design

According to The Verge, “Microsoft’s Fluent Design System is designed to be the true successor to Microsoft's Metro design, and will appear across apps and services on Windows, iOS, and Android. Microsoft is focusing on light, depth, motion, material, and scale for its Fluent Design, with animations that make the design feel like it's moving during interactions in Windows.”

Fluent Design

  1. Microsoft Edge updates

Microsoft’s web browser will also be upgraded through the new update. You will notice a new Books tab in The Hub tab in the upper right corner of the navigation bar. Technology Visionaries explains, “This tab offers suggestions for popular reads and allows you to download/view them in the Edge Book Reader which also has received a visual makeover.

The update even incorporated a text to speech feature that will read the eBook to you. Additionally, this update will allow you to leave saved notes in your eBooks to look back on.” Users can also share web pages with other computers running the same updated version of Edge using the “Near By Share” feature, draw on PDFs, and use a mute toggle button for individual websites.

Microsoft Edge updates

  1. Cortana updates

Microsoft is continuously working on Cortana to integrate it smoothly with Windows systems. Among many updates coming to Cortana is a user interface refresh to its Notebook feature. Technology Visionaries writes “Microsoft has added a new “Lists” feature that we are very fond of. When browsing an online catalog in MS Edge, the Cortana’s Lists feature will prompt you asking if you want to add an item you are viewing into one of your lists. This is similar to how you would form lists on a site like Amazon but allows you to make organized lists from all websites.”

Cortana updates

  1. Focus Assist

You wouldn’t know it by the name, but Focus Assist is simply a “Do Not Disturb” feature for Windows. Previously, Microsoft had given it a weirder name (Quiet Hours), but with a new name comes additional features. You no longer get a “Quiet On” or “Quiet Off.” You can now set up rules that intelligently know when notification messages and sounds should be turned off. For example, you can set up rules to activate “Focus mode” when you are showing a PowerPoint presentation or playing video games. You can also set up a Priority List so that notification sounds and messages are muted unless they are on said Priority List. Pretty neat!

Focus Assist

  1. Password Recovery for Local Accounts

Most personal computers are setup with local login accounts. That is to say, your computer is not managed by a central login server like most work computers are. In the past, these “local” accounts were difficult to get into if you ever lost or forgot the password. With the new update, Microsoft has included security questions as an option to recover or reset your account’s password. Seems like a minor feature, but it makes a world of a difference when that password goes “missing.”

Password Recovery for Local Accounts

As of now Microsoft has not announced an official release date for this new Windows 10 update. There are speculations that the update may not be released until early May, but for now, we are keeping an eye on announcements and patiently waiting.

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