The Secret Agents of Core

By Gabriel Castro
The Secret Agents of Core

If you’re a part of the SWAT Systems family, you know we’re a fan of superheroes and team names. You’ve probably heard of our Marvel’s Avengers or the Goonies, but did you know that we also have our own version of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

You may be wondering what secret spy agents and system engineers have in common: both stay behind the scenes to keep operations running smoothly, and never fail to save the day when their “heroes” need them. Our SWAT Core team, which is currently composed of Chase, Quinn, and Dave, work on very important tasks. You may not interact with a Core member very often, but that just means they are doing their job well.

Core has a wide range of internal and external-facing responsibilities that impact all of us at SWAT and our clients. To begin, they manage our task automation, system patches, and remote desktop platform. This keeps your system updated and allows our engineering team to remote control your computer when you need help. They also oversee the backups system (both local and offsite), configure antivirus to fight off the evil villains, and manage the software that keeps track of our clients’ documentation and support tickets.

On top of all of this, Core is our internal support team here at home base. They watch over our HQ network infrastructure (switches, Wi-Fi, internet, firewall, etc.) and maintain our Sales and Finance systems, which allow these teams to compose quotes, send out invoices, and process payments and payroll. Because of Core’s hard work and dedication, all of us at SWAT are able to succeed in our daily missions and make the world (of computers) a safer place.

We salute you, Core Team, for being there even when we don’t see or hear you. Thank you for swooping in to the rescue when our clients have an emergency that requires data restores. You're constantly improving all of our systems to make SWAT a better, faster, and stronger IT management company.

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