Gaming for a Cause

By Gabriel Castro

Many of us here at SWAT are avid video game players and fans. One of the most rewarding feelings is doing something you already love for a great cause, and that’s exactly what systems engineer James Robbins is up to this Thursday, December 6th. Starting at 9:00pm PST, James will be participating in a nonstop 12-hour livestream to support the local charity Take This. His start time lines up with the 12:00am EST release of the game Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. James is a Twitch Streamer on his own time and belongs to a community called the Seattle Online Broadcasters Association.

Take This has a special place in James’ heart. The organization’s mission states: “Take This is a mental health nonprofit serving the game community/industry that provides resources, guidelines and training about mental health issues in the game community, thus reducing the stigma of mental illness.” Also according to its website, “Take This provides gamers and developers with resources, guidelines, and training that help them support themselves and others in dealing with mental health challenges.” James can personally relate to other gamers battling anxiety and depression, and will be sharing his story along with his fellow marathoners throughout the night. He anticipates that this event will have an emotional facet when remembering personal struggles and friends who lost their lives, but the overarching mood will be fun and optimism looking forward in their honor.

Members of Take This will be accompanying James and at least 15 fellow gamers during their marathon stream. Their current goal is $3,000, with all proceeds going directly to charity. You can watch James’ livestream here and donate here! There will be quirky milestones celebrations and surprises throughout the night. James’ wife is a professional hairstylist, which means she will be dyeing James’ hair a color of her choosing when they hit a certain monetary goal. Tune in for other antics like duct taping hands and more! Donations began on Monday, December 3rd, so you do not have to wait until the livestream starts. We are wishing the best of luck to James and his team!

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