Gabriel Castro

Gabriel Castro
Gabriel is a Systems Administrator and Technical Marketing Engineer. His 12 years of IT experience include networking, servers, telephony, technical training, consumer electronics, and SMB consulting.
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What Is MFA, and Why Do I Need It?

July 11, 2019

Setting up MFA on Your Personal Accounts

July 11, 2019

SWAT Gives Back

January 11, 2019 SWAT Social
This year, SWAT Systems embraced the giving spirit of the holiday season. We wanted to give back to the communities that we belong to and cherish. With the help of our employees and the online community, we were able to directly support two amazing (and local) organizations.

Gaming for a Cause

December 6, 2018 Articles
Many of us here at SWAT are avid video game players and fans. One of the most rewarding feelings is doing something you already love for a great cause, and that’s exactly what systems engineer James Robbins is up to this Thursday, December 6th. Starting at 9:00pm PST, James will be participating in a nonstop 12-hour livestream to support the local charity Take This.

The Struggling Win10 October 2018 Update

November 5, 2018 Articles
The arrival of November marks the end of Halloween season, but the employees at Microsoft are still feeling a haunting vibe. At the beginning of October, Microsoft was set to release their next big feature update, known as both version 1809 and “Windows 10 October 2018 Update.

The Secret Agents of Core

November 2, 2018 Articles
If you’re a part of the SWAT Systems family, you know we’re a fan of superheroes and team names. You’ve probably heard of our Marvel’s Avengers or the Goonies, but did you know that we also have our own version of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

You may be wondering what secret spy agents and system engineers have in common: both stay behind the scenes to keep operations running smoothly, and never fail to save the day when their “heroes” need them.

Intel i9 vs Xeon Processors

October 26, 2018 Articles
Intel Core vs Intel Xeon. This conversation comes around once or twice a year. People who are looking for powerful workstation to game or perform intensive tasks tend to run into a dilemma. The question came up at the office with Intel’s latest push into the high-ed market.

The Travel Journals: 2018/Q3 Edition

October 25, 2018 Travel Journals
Phil Goes to Bali
My friend Maddy and I have traveled together before. We’ve been thinking about our next destination, specifically one with good snorkeling opportunities. She spontaneously purchased a flight to Bali for $500 during a sale and urged me to do the same.

Remote Ransomware Attacks

October 4, 2018 Articles
Have you ever won a prize that you did not want?  Perhaps your name was added to a list that you would rather not have been on.  Today there is a list that every company should be aware of.  Shodan is a website anyone can use to find open ports on internet connections and, unfortunately, is used with malicious intent.

Thunderbolt 3: The New Way to Dock

August 25, 2018 Articles
The State of Thunderbolt 3: Part 2
Looking for “The State of Thunderbolt 3, Part 1?” Click here.

Recently, I was in my home office working on my computer. I have a 27-inch 4K monitor, USB Apple Keyboard, Wireless Mouse, speakers, Logitech webcam, laser printer, and an ethernet connection to my network.