Gabriel Castro

Gabriel Castro
Gabriel is a Systems Administrator and Technical Marketing Engineer. His 12 years of IT experience include networking, servers, telephony, technical training, consumer electronics, and SMB consulting.
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Google Wages War Against HTTP

August 22, 2018 Articles
Google has been waging war against the non-secured website for years. In 2016, Google made a pledge to start shaming websites with un-encrypted connections, as way to encourage developers to embrace HTTPS. With Google Chrome 68, the latest version of the popular web browser, Google is following through on its promise.

Power BI comes to SWAT

August 15, 2018 Articles
Design in the workplace is no longer confined to the Marketing or Sales department. When paired with critical business statistics or financial numbers, visual charts and graphics can dramatically increase business efficiency. Software developers know a picture is worth a thousand words.

A Newsletter from Hell?

August 7, 2018 SWAT Social
Several of our monthly newsletter readers noticed that our July 2018 edition was delivered to them from a unique SWAT email address. The email address that raised eyebrows?

“We’re you hacked? Is this a phishing scam? Did a disgruntled employee sabotage your newsletter?”

No, no, and no.

EOL 2020: Extended Support Ending in 2020

August 3, 2018 Articles
“All good things must come to an end” will ring loud and clear come January 2020. Like with all of Microsoft’s operating systems, Mainstream and Extended Support is provided by Microsoft for a period of time. Microsoft calls its products “End of Life” when the Extended Support period comes to an end.

The State of Thunderbolt 3, Part 1

July 25, 2018 Articles
Recently, I was in my home office working on my computer. I have a 27-inch 4K monitor, USB Apple Keyboard, Wireless Mouse, speakers, Logitech webcam, laser printer, and an ethernet connection to my network. You should know, however, that my computer is a 2017 Macbook Pro laptop and the only thing connected to my laptop is a single Thunderbolt 3 cable.

Tackle Your Password Headaches!

July 25, 2018 Articles
The Password Dilema
Now matter your age, job, or hobby, if you are someone who uses any piece of technology or online service, you have a password. Our digital accounts are protected by these things, which means we have a lot of them! I’m working on creating a support group that helps people overcome pain and suffering from tracking multiple password.

Crypto Ransomware Hits Office 365

July 23, 2018 Articles
There is an old saying, “safety in numbers.” As we tend to see in nature, wildebeest, zebra, fish, birds and other animals have relied on this premise for millennia. What we rarely consider though, is that large numbers can also attract the unwanted.

SWAT Throws a Game Day!

July 16, 2018 SWAT Social
On July 14, 2018, we flipped a game night on its head and hosted a game day at the office. The sun was out, giving us the perfect weather for grilled chicken and hot dogs. With I-5 mostly closed, several of our peeps were unable to make it. Regardless, we had a great group of people and games that make any situation a whole lot of fun! Below are a few that are considered a favorite at SWAT Systems.

SWAT Sponsors a Golf Fundraiser

June 28, 2018 SWAT Social
For the 5th year in a row, SWAT Systems proudly sponsored St. Joseph School's Annual Golf Tournament. Last year's event raised over $309,000! This excerpt from their website gives a great description of the event:

Each Spring friends, parents and alumni come together at the Newcastle Golf Club for the Endowment for St. Joseph School Golf Tournament.

The FBI's Warning on Routers

June 13, 2018 Articles
What has become of our little world of IT? Before I was serious about computers, they were mostly a hobby for geeks. Then one day someone invents a killer application and suddenly all accountants need computers. Flash forward: computers have become critical to our daily lives.