Gabriel Castro

Gabriel Castro
Gabriel is a Systems Administrator and Technical Marketing Engineer. His 12 years of IT experience include networking, servers, telephony, technical training, consumer electronics, and SMB consulting.
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The Travel Journals: 2018/Q2 Edition

Jordan Goes To China
A friend of mine reached out to me and asked if I was interested in joining his China trip. He needed a companion after his previous companion had to back out on the last minute. I was happy to jump in and take on...

Josh I. Goes To Costa Rica
My trip to Costa Rica was, in a way, not planned at all.

Apple's WWDC 2018 Announcements

June 12, 2018 Articles
Apple held its annual World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) conference on June 4-6 this year. As its stated in the name, this event is primarily focused on programmers and developers. The 3-day event consists of a flagship keynote by top executives (e.g. Tim Cook), followed by all-day workshops that dive deep into specific software topics.

Is This Normal? Strangers on my iPhone

June 6, 2018 Articles
The Scenario
Imagine you are walking around the mall or a park and you want to share a picture with someone. You open your photos gallery, select the image you want to share, and then tap on the share button. The share options pop up from the bottom so you can select how you want to share your photo (e.g. send as email, through iMessage, add to notes, etc).

Suddenly, several strangers’ faces begin to appear on your phone.

7 last-minute gifts for your favorite techie

December 19, 2017 Articles

Technology enthusiasts are some of the most difficult people to get a gift for. They normally take care of buying all technology-related items themselves. If they do want something, it’s usually too hard to remember what it was, or it’s pretty expensive.

Understanding the Global Wifi Security Scare

November 15, 2017 Articles

On October 18, all of the top news broadcasters and tech bloggers were covering the breaking news that took the world by surprise. A flaw was found in the most-used protocol that password-protects a wireless network. It was now a race between developers and hackers.

Top Five Things to Protect Against Malware

July 3, 2017 Articles

While hackers are getting smarter and stealthier with their attacks, humans are still capable of putting up a good defense. You may not know this, but a lot of malware attacks are successful because of their ability to trick people into giving them access to their computers.

WWDC 17: Everything Apple Unveiled

Last week, Apple held its annual World Wide Developer’s Conference. It’s specifically designed for, you guessed it, developers to preview upcoming software changes and meet with one of 1,000 Apple engineers. WWDC’s first day, however, is the day all Apple fans look forward to the most.

Microsoft's New Surface Pro: 10 Things To Know

Today, Microsoft unveiled their new Surface Pro tablet / laptop hybrid. The first thing you will notice is the lack of a number. Microsoft's most popular surface device is simply the Surface Pro from now on. Provided images show a device that looks a lot like the old Surface Pro 4. Yet, it is important to know that the meaningful changes are inside the device.

Meet our new Marketing Strategist

May 10, 2017 Articles

In April, SWAT Systems received our first full-time Marketing Strategist. For that, we’d like to take time to congratulate Gabriel Castro on his new role! This introduction, however, is more for our newer TotalCare clients, since many probably know Gabriel as one of our System Engineers.