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Is Windows 10 Ready? Yes!

September 25, 2015 Articles

New software releases are EXCITING! …however, there can be hiccups. The question is, “Is it worth upgrading to Windows 10”

Slow PC? Try an SSD!

September 9, 2015 Articles

Slow computer performance can be caused by a multitude of issues. One of the quickest fixes to hardware-related slowness is to upgrade to an SSD (rather than RAM). Here’s why:

RAM upgrades provide about 14% performance gains* ($40-$100 upgrade)

SSD upgrades boast performance gains of 50-180% depending on program usage* ($100-$200 upgrade)

Processors still take the cake at providing performance gains of up to 340%* (New computer)

*Statistics based on upgrading an a 4-year-old PC

Performance is something that constantly changes and we need to change our frame of mind.

Business vs Consumer: 8 Things Before You Buy!

September 1, 2015 Articles

As a virtual CIO for most companies, we are often tasked with putting together the right equipment for the right people. We’re talking servers, switches, Wi-Fi and workstations. However, our quotes may appear slightly higher priced than something from Best Buy or Fry’s.

The difference is in both the software and hardware.

USB Type-C – The New Connector

USB and peripheral connectors have been revised numerous times. Each manufacturer wants their own proprietary technology to rule all others. USB Type-C is the next connection type slated to become “the standard”.

Most are in favor of a universal connector.

Hop Aboard the SSD Train!

June 3, 2015 Articles

In this age of Internet and interconnectivity, the faster something is, the better it is. Whether it’s your car, your download speed, or how quickly you get your coffee at Starbucks, SPEED IS KING! The question is, “Why are you limiting your speed potential and sticking with that old spinning hard drive?”

“Well, Charles, I really like how stable my spinning hard drive is.

What is Safe Mode?

June 3, 2015 Articles

Windows Safe Mode is a boot option that only loads the most basic drivers to run the operating system. There are several different packages of drivers that may be loaded depending on the specific boot option you choose, but you will almost always choose “Safe Mode with Networking”. Safe Mode with Networking only picks specific sets of drivers this can prevent malicious software from running.

What’s Lurking in the App Store?

June 3, 2015 Articles

Each time you install an application on a computer, you invite a stranger into your home, then trust them not to rob you. Your computer does a lot behind the scenes that you are never aware of… Modern applications make many connections to the Internet without your knowledge of what they are sharing.

Universal Wi-Fi is Coming… But is it Secure?

June 3, 2015 Articles

AT&T and Comcast each announced plans to provide free public Wi-Fi across the country. The question is, how exactly do they propose to do this? The answer is quite ingenious, and arguably a little evil.

The carriers plan to enable hotspots on modems leased to customers.

Windows 10 – 4 Things You Need to Know

May 22, 2015 Articles

People have been asking, “What’s up with Windows 10?” Is it good? Is it bad? Is it compatible? To get the most up-to-date information, Nik and I attended a great Windows 10 event hosted by Microsoft. We now know what they are promising the public.

3 Windows Key Shortcuts You Need to Know AND Use!

March 31, 2015 Articles

This is Part 2 of my handy shortcuts for anyone using a computer - See Part 1 HERE

Win + L: The fastest way to lock your computer, be sure to press Win + L when you walk away from your desk!
Win + F or Win + S: Brings up the search function, great for finding files quickly.