Moleskin Notebook

May 4, 2016 Articles

We wrap up our list with something on the opposite side of the technology spectrum. Even the most internet-connected user will agree that when it comes to quickly jotting down a thought, idea or to-do list, nothing beats a good notebook and a pen.

Slim Profile Laptop Backpack

May 4, 2016 Articles

If you are on the go, then you have to be able to get up and go quickly. A great backpack can either burden you or be your best companion. Take our Brenthaven example above. Brenthaven is based out of Seattle (we love local!) and they make great looking products.

Laptop Video Adapters

May 4, 2016 Articles

If you are on the road a lot due to sales or business presentations, you will want to make sure you carry around several video adapters. Video compression and streaming has evolved very quickly over the past few years. Ports have gone from VGA to DVI to HDMI. DisplayPort and Thunderbolt have also made their way into laptops and high-end projectors.

Microsoft Arc Touch Wireless/Bluetooth Mouse

May 4, 2016 Articles

Although trackpads have vastly improved over the years, we all know nothing beats the experience and the speed of using a mouse. What better mouse is there than one that can nail 2 yoga positions? The Microsoft Arc Touch mouse is a must for the mobile folks.

WatchGuard Mobile VPN

May 4, 2016 Articles

How about a product that you don’t physically carry around with you? WatchGuard firewalls are SWAT’s go-to security gateway device for all businesses. It protects your network from external intruders. However, another great feature is its VPN capabilities.

Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones

May 4, 2016 Articles

We know what you’re thinking…headphones? Think about it though. If you are on the road, in a plane or at your local coffee shop, noise pollution becomes a big issue. With a good pair of comfortable noise-cancelling headphones, you will find yourself being able to escape your surroundings no matter where you choose to call your office.

Macbook Air 13 or Dell XPS 13

May 4, 2016 Articles

We won’t get into the Mac vs PC war at the moment, but we can all agree that people on the go need great computing power to go with them. Both of these computers are setting the standards for laptops that are thin and light, yet also pack great memory, speed and power.

Anker PowerCore 20100

May 4, 2016 Articles

Don’t be stuck with a dead tablet or smartphone. This portable battery pack is huge in terms of capacity. It has the power to recharge an iPhone 6s seven times or a Galaxy s6 five times. It features two USB ports for plugging in any kind of charge cable.

Tools For The Mobile Warrior

May 4, 2016 Articles

All hail the modern day mobile warrior! These employees are on the go, along with their workstations and their projects. Every flat surface is their workspace and any wifi hotspot is their connection back to headquarters. We salute you for crushing your to-do list while ordering a latte at Starbucks or waiting for your next flight.

Are You a Viadoom Commuter?

April 8, 2016 Articles

I am!

Starting last week, nighttime crews began closing sections of the viaduct. At one point there will even be a two-week closure. Read more HERE. This really stinks, especially given the recent crab spill on northbound 99, no pun intended.