What’s Lurking in the App Store?

June 3, 2015 Articles

Each time you install an application on a computer, you invite a stranger into your home, then trust them not to rob you. Your computer does a lot behind the scenes that you are never aware of… Modern applications make many connections to the Internet without your knowledge of what they are sharing.

Universal Wi-Fi is Coming… But is it Secure?

June 3, 2015 Articles

AT&T and Comcast each announced plans to provide free public Wi-Fi across the country. The question is, how exactly do they propose to do this? The answer is quite ingenious, and arguably a little evil.

The carriers plan to enable hotspots on modems leased to customers.

Windows 10 – 4 Things You Need to Know

May 22, 2015 Articles

People have been asking, “What’s up with Windows 10?” Is it good? Is it bad? Is it compatible? To get the most up-to-date information, Nik and I attended a great Windows 10 event hosted by Microsoft. We now know what they are promising the public.

3 Windows Key Shortcuts You Need to Know AND Use!

March 31, 2015 Articles

This is Part 2 of my handy shortcuts for anyone using a computer - See Part 1 HERE

Win + L: The fastest way to lock your computer, be sure to press Win + L when you walk away from your desk!
Win + F or Win + S: Brings up the search function, great for finding files quickly.

4 Handy Shortcuts for Anyone Using a Computer!

March 31, 2015 Articles

The Windows Key, usually between Ctrl and Alt, is your gateway to easier computer use.

The Call is Coming from Inside the Inbox…

Quick Quiz: What is the single greatest threat to your organization’s network security?

If you said anything other than “EMAIL”, it is time to re-assess your security strategy. Email remains the number one successful vector for attackers to penetrate your network.

Why Every Business Should Consider Email Archiving

Email continuity and disaster recovery: Though email archiving is not a replacement for a robust backup solution, it can provide ready access to historical emails should the primary email system be unavailable.

Regulatory compliance: New regulatory and compliance requirements for the storage and management of email are released each year.

When Is It Time For a New Personal Computer?

Author: Koll Anderson

With Windows XP approaching End of life it’s a good reminder that your personal computer may be getting old. If you’ve been on the fence, I came up with a great way to rationalize purchasing a new computer.

Keep Your Mobile Devices Safe with Prey

February 24, 2014 Articles, 2014Janextra04

Mobile devices are quickly overtaking traditional desktops as the device of choice for end users. Everyone loves the functionality and versatility of a laptop, tablet or smart phone, and they are essential for a worker-on-the-go. The mobility and price of these devices also make them prime targets for thieves, and considering how many corporate resources those devices have access to, it becomes apparent that mobile devices could be a huge liability for a company if they should be stolen.

Keep Your Computer and Yourself Healthy

December 19, 2013 2013decextra03, Articles

It’s that time of year! Whether you’ve contracted a pesky cold or you’re knocked flat on your back by the flu, bugs are starting to circulate. While remembering to keep ourselves healthy, we should also remember to keep our computers stabilized.

Five Ways for Humans to Fight the Common Cold

1. Wash your hands
2. Cover your nose and mouth
3. Disinfect
4. Go disposable
5. Take care of yourself - eat right, sleep right, and reduce stress

Five Ways to Keep Your Computer Happy

1. Be careful what you click on
2. Keep it cool
3. Run Antivirus Software
4. Use a UPS
5. Back it up!