Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) - Our Most Important Metric

November 26, 2013 Articles, 2013Novextra02

SWAT Systems is a customer service company who happens to provide exceptional IT support.

In college 14 years ago, I received terrible customer service while on the phone with my bank. The story is too lengthy to repeat, but the point is my issue was not being heard and the phone operator was of no help whatsoever.

Amanda Gets Married!

As you may have heard, our marketing and sales expert Amanda Grove is now Mrs. Amanda Goss! Amanda and Colton tied the knot August 10th in Normandy Park with a beautiful outdoor ceremony. It was a perfect fairytale wedding, and the SWAT Team was honored to be a part of it.

What Does It Really Mean to Be “in the Cloud”?

June 20, 2013 Articles

The “Cloud” is a very open-ended term used by marketing to encourage IT Decision makers that all servers and infrastructure should be hosted by them. But what does it really mean to be “in the cloud”?

Server hosting with a provider such as Microsoft, Amazon, or Rackspace does provide a higher level of availability and redundancy to a system.