RMON – Remote Management

24 x 7 Remote Management of Networks

100% Proactive IT

RMON Keeps Your Network Clean and Secure

RMON is designed to increase your business’ long term network stability. With 24 x 7 PC and/or server management, you can sleep through the night knowing SWAT is keeping an eye on your network. This proactive tool offers faster response times, predicts problems before they arise, and helps minimize the cost of IT support and maintenance.

How Does RMON work?

Our support staff is alerted by pager and email if your servers and/or workstations go offline, even at 2:39AM! We then follow a procedure, tailored to your company’s speci?c requests, to notify you your system is offline or we will ? x the problem on the spot. You also receive priority in our ticket queue above customers who do not subscribe to monitoring.

RMON Includes
Audit & Inventory
Remote Control
Patch Management
Remote Software Install
System Monitoring
Trouble Ticketing
Reports & Scripting
Virus & Threat Monitoring
Antivirus Software
Cloud Based Backup Technology
Client Portal Access

Monitoring & Alerting Services

  • Network availability
  • System health monitoring
  • Security monitoring (Firewall, IDS, Antivirus)
  • Application monitoring (SQL, Exchange, etc)
  • Website monitoring (Intranet, Extranet, Web)

Benefits of RMON

  • 24×7 remote monitoring
  • Creates system performance history
  • Reduced Time and Materials rate
  • Helps minimize overall IT costs
  • Prevents large future problems by catching small issues as they arise

How much does one hour of downtime cost your company?