Total Care

100% Proactive IT Support - One Flat-Fee, Month-to-Month

Managed IT Support for the Small & Medium Sized Business (10-250 FTE)

Why Choose Total Care

Total Care offers your company complete management, maintenance, and support for your entire network infrastructure at a flat monthly fee. Your computers will be proactively managed to ensure they are running at peak performance, and any IT costs such as access to the Help Desk and preventative maintenance are included. Enjoy worry-free billing, pay by the month, no nickel and dime invoicing, project work can be included, and sales engineering and design are complimentary. We will design your IT road map, provide best practices, and become an integral part of your business with strategic quarterly business reviews. Our offering is simple and scalable, you'll be impressed with our one-page IT strategic plan customized for your business. Let's meet for coffee and discuss what we can do for you.

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Monitoring & Alerting Services

  • Network availability
  • System health monitoring
  • Security monitoring (Firewall, IDS, Antivirus)
  • Application monitoring (SQL, Exchange, etc)
  • Website monitoring (Intranet, Extranet, Web)

Benefits of TotalCare

  • One price for unlimited IT service
  • All users have access to the Help Desk
  • SWAT focuses on quality vs. quantity
  • Flat fee project work with guarantee
  • Reduced Time and Materials rate
  • SWAT shares risk through strategic partnership
  • Flexibility between TotalCare levels with one year agreement in four month segments

Proactive vs. Reactive Support

In a TotalCare environment, clients do not feel pressured by the clock as they do in a reactive Time and Materials contract. Instead, they are able to develop a strategic partnership with SWAT through network monitoring and preventative maintenance.

100% Born and Built Managed Services

One-of-a-kind Seattle-based MSP

The Total Care recipe started 20 years ago when time and materials agreements began to cause conflict. Effective clean networks need to get to the root of the problem and not be temporarily patched for a quick fix. This required a different kind of thinking thus managed services was born. Nobody likes to pay for a service pack to be downloaded. 

The original monthly program was called Monthly Proactive Support Agreement (MPSA) and yes, we still have one customer on this legacy plan. The idea was to allocate specific resources to a specific client on a set schedule. Things changed when technology began to run 24/7 - networks required immediate fixes, not scheduled fixes, thus Total Care was born. Today's automation and alerting allows us to work proactively and protect our clients' data and up time, bringing a whole new meaning to IT support. 

A traditional network administrator can only work eight hours a day, SWAT Systems runs 24/7/365 using a team approach. Our help desk is staffed in teams so that each company has multiple network administrators, providing redundancy and accountability to getting things fixed and keeping things moving. We have over four different types of teams at SWAT Systems ready to spring into action depending on what needs to be done. Whether it's reactive support, on-site support, cloud migration, or high level design and project work, our team of 32 experts are standing by.


  • Managed services are 1/3 the cost of a full-time hired IT resource, so you can focus on what you do best
  • We use a team approach to getting things done, so nothing slips through the cracks
  • You always have access to high level engineers when needed, at no extra cost
  • 20 years experience building IT processes and procedures, meaning we've seen it all before
  • With over 100 best practices implemented over the last 15 years, we build on our successes one quarter at a time
  • We're consistently ranked in the top 3 MSPs in the Seattle market, you can trust that the competition knows us
  • Our tools and processes were built from the ground up, with a focus on relationships, not transactions
  • Ongoing education is critical, allowing for collective knowledge, just ask us about the Monkey Test!

Come get to know us, stop by for a visit, schedule a tour of our facility in Ballard to get a better understanding of how managed services works.

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