Secure your Email and Servers with TotalSecurity

Antivirus Protection for the Small & Medium Sized Business

Why Choose TotalSecurity?

TotalSecurity offers enterprise-grade email and web security minus the complexity and cost! Reduce your risk and liability, lower your IT costs, and increase productivity instantly with TotalSecurity.

Perimeter IP Filtering
Advanced Spam Blocking
Premium Anti-Spam Filter
Triple Virus & Worm Scanning
Zero-hour Worm Protection
Content and Attachment Filtering
Email Attack Protection
Fraud Protection
Advanced Admin &
Reporting Portal
Message Audit
Sophisticated Quarantine Management
24 x 7 Monitoring & Support
Outbound Filtering
Email Continuity
Fail Safe Service

Email and Web Protection

  • Increase employee productivity
  • Decrease IT and administrative costs
  • Boost operational effi ciency and reduce business disruption
  • Protect employees from fraudulent phishing attacks
  • Lessen corporate liability and risk
  • Protect against information loss via email

Key Features

  • Over 20 layers of filtering protection
  • Stacked Classification Framework® - spam detection system blocks over 99% of spam
  • Sophisticated quarantine management options
  • Industry-leading low false positive rates
  • Convenient, cloud-based email encryption

The TotalSecurity Difference

  • No up front costs or long-term contracts
  • No migration or integration necessary
  • Rapid, effortless activation
  • Enterprise-grade service and performance, without the complexity and cost
  • Protection at the network perimeter keeps threats out of your network
  • Automatic threat protection updates