Thank you to Alex and the whole team for reacting so quickly and getting everything figured out perfectly. Thank you to the SWAT Team!

- S. David

Your service is always top notch and the issue was resolved with me having to do very little with the screen sharing feature you use. I actually took a nap the whole time the work was being done. Thanks guys you’re top notch.

- M. Travis

I worked with Charles yesterday and I have to say it was THE best interaction I have ever had with an IT person. He was patient, professional, quick and walked me through the whole process. If the rest of your staff is that good you guys are golden!!

- H. Rick

I always appreciate the patience you show me and the others in our office…..We are not the most literate IT peeps :) haha

- C. Betty

Last week, I called him for an issue with connecting to wi-fi and not only did he resolve the issue quickly, he went above and beyond to be proactive should it happen again in the future. He came onsite and did some investigating to create a map that shows an approximation of the areas that each WAP covers and potential dead zones. He helped educate me on why wi-fi might be running slowly sometimes and tips on how to troubleshoot in the future on my own. I just wanted to share how much I appreciate the further questions he asked, how he is continuing to investigate to stay on top of this, and educate me on how it all works!

- J. Underhill

Okay, someone needs to pat Dan on the back or buy him beverage of choice, or something. He made as all look very good yesterday at about 6pm when he responded to an SOS I sent for my boss. Our CEO was at the airport and his computer had locked up. Dan called him right away and solved the problem somehow. He was thrilled and was able to get work done on the plane and in the airport, and said Dan was great, really nice, etc… That’s huge by the way, since he counts heavily on that time to do work. Very nicely done!

- J. Lyons

SWAT has always been there for us; promptly taking on emergencies when needed and being very understanding when we have deleted a file or done some other goofball thing that requires your help. Thank you all for your promptness and professionalism!

- Rene’ M. Peterson

SWAT Rocks! I have used SWAT from their very beginnings 12 years ago and have never once been disappointed in their professionalism or their work! I always get results with SWAT and that is why to this day they are the first phone tall I make when need helpwith nry networkor with an upgrade!

- T. Schneiter

Dan Merino is the best IT guy in the whole wide world!! Every time these is a problem, he Is very fast at trying to resolve it. There are too many words to describe how great he is, But if were to choose one right away, it would be “AWESOME”.

- M. Gonzalez

Unbelievable. SWAT called IBM and arranged for them to come our to my hotel in Orlando to replace the screen. They did and I was back in business. Couldn’t be happier. My best SWAT experience.

- E. Curtis

SWAT was very helpful explaining exactly what the problem was and did everything necessary to resolve the issue. They were very patient with me and provided excellent customer service!

- J. Roberts

Your team is always able to explain the possibilities without my eyes glazing over with too much technical stuff. I love the fact that you can get onto my laptop and do the investigation for me.

- C. Gilmore

The knowledge of your people is above and beyond helpful and they are always pleasant to work with!

- L. Haavik

I know Mousa reached out, but I also wanted to thank you and your whole team for an amazing job. You all made the whole process seamless and relieved a lot of stress for both Mousa and I. Everyone here was impressed and we would absolutely refer you to a friend and reach out ourselves whenever we’re in need of future IT help.

- T. Vlcek